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SafeScore provides businesses with seamless tools to effortlessly track travel data across a wide range of fields.

SafeScore is a Business to Business (B2B), SaaS travel data provider. Engineered to make travel easier and expedite the recovery of the travel and aviation industry, SafeScore is designed to provide clear, and accurate data in just a few clicks. One of the biggest disruptors to the recovery of the travel industry has been a lack of clearly communicated data. Airports and airlines around the world are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing travel landscape. Queues are endless, passengers are denied boarding, and customers aren’t happy. SafeScore’s solution allows travel providers to reduce the strain on both themselves, and their customers. Our database is a one-stop-shop for global travel restrictions, requirements and more. We offer customisable API and widget packages which are designed to suit the client’s information and travel needs across a range of data fields. Our international team is creative, dynamic, and passionate about finding solutions for uncomplicated travel in a complicated time. Based in Ireland, Cape Town, Australia, and the United Kingdom, the team brings a wealth of experience from aviation consulting, software building, branding, and more. (official website)

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Duncan Hancox
Duncan Hancox
Head of Strategic Business Development
Alexander Gorman
Alexander Gorman
Co-Founder and Head of Operations
Julian Hansen
Julian Hansen
Co-Founder and Head of Technology
Nicholas Gorman
Nicholas Gorman
Lead Founder and CEO
Olivia Maurel
Olivia Maurel
Co-Founder and Head of Marketing



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How SafeScore is Helping Airports Recover

SafeScore prioritizes clear and accurate information in a climate of confusion. We don't want airports and airlines losing customers because they're refused boarding - we're here to help.

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SafeScore: Guiding travellers towards answers to their FAQs

What started out as a way to keep air passengers up to date on Covid-19 travel restrictions is evolving into a flexible tool to enhance the customer experience. logo
SafeScore looks to address issue of airline waiting times

SafeScore, a Co Kerry-based business is aiming to reduce the wait times at airports and ease the frustrations of passengers with an online platform. logo
Easier and faster access to travel restrictions with online gadget

Fraport Slovenija is pleased to announce it's partnership with travel data provider, SafeScore, putting travellers first with accurate and reliable travel information. logo
The top 50 start-ups to discover at Web Summit 2021

With over 1,500 start-ups featured at Web Summit 2021, these are the top 50 start-ups to look out for in Portugal. logo
Kerry Airport and SafeScore Partner in a World First

In a world first, Kerry International Airport partners with SafeScore to provide passengers with curated, and accurate travel information. logo

Leading marketing agency, Crowd, is working alongside SafeScore to help re-open the world of travel.

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